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GA26W and GP26W Space-Saving CNC Precision Cylindrical Grinders06 Dec 2016

Okuma has developed the GA26W and GP26W cylindrical grinders with wheelhead traverse systems that improve ease of use in small footprints. These high-precision cylindrical grinders improve productivity in a wide range of applications from high-mix, low-volume manufacturing to mass production.

The GA26W and GP26W were developed to provide stable grinding accuracy, space savings, “changeless setup,” and better ease of use.

The Okuma-developed non-round plain bearing (hydrodynamic wheel spindle) enables both heavy-duty and highly accurate grinding to achieve stable high precision over the long term. The GA26W and GP26W boast high floor-space productivity thanks to a compact design with a machine width of 2,510-mm, the narrowest in the class. With the use of a new NC tailstock, they can respond flexibly to high-mix workpiece jobs. Ease of use is improved even further with the new OSP-P300GA CNC that allows multi-touch operation and the GAP interactive programmer.

The GA26W and GP26W grinders deliver high floor-space productivity, ease of use, high accuracy and high reliability, contributing to improved productivity in globally increasing automobile and mass production parts manufacturing.


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