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MULTUS U5000 Intelligent Multitasking Machine06 Dec 2016

The latest addition to Okuma’s MULTUS U Series of highly regarded intelligent multitasking machines is the MULTUS U5000, which boasts powerful machining of mid-to-large size components.

To meet the demand in the growing multitasking machine market, the MULTUS U5000 uses a class-strongest turning spindle with output of 37 kW and torque of 1,413 N-m. This capacity is displayed in the powerful cutting of mid-to-large size components, especially those with shaft-like shapes, and difficult-to-cut materials.

Throughput is increased with process-intensive machining that goes beyond current typical turn/mill machines: Turn-Cut for peripheral boss and slope-hole turning in the same process, and gear cutting by skiving and hobbing.

With the “OSP suite” monozukuri control onboard, shop floor optimization and productivity improvements are achieved with shop-floor-ready IoT technology and intelligent technology.

The MULTUS U Series meets demands for advanced manufacturing with IoT technology. They are the ultimate multitasking machines, meeting all the demands for high accuracy, high rigidity, high performance, and integrated operations in the globally expanding multitasking machine market.


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