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MU-S600V 5-Axis Vertical Machining Center06 Dec 2016

Okuma has developed the MU-S600V 5-axis vertical machining center that leads the way to the next “monozukuri* revolution.”

As a stand-alone 5-axis VMC, the MU-S600V is productive and very easy to use. With two or more machines connected, the result is production innovation; in other words, high-mix, low-volume to mass production with complete flexibility from just one type of machine, a smart machine—an entirely new concept.

Best-in-class floor space productivity is achieved with the ability to cut ø600-mm workpieces on a machine with a super-narrow width of 1,400 mm. In addition to high machining accuracy, production lead time is significantly reduced with minimal setup change and integrated operations.

When connected, part carrying between machines is eliminated using “robotic tables,” allowing for revisualization of production line layouts. Compact, simple systems for untended and automated operations can be achieved.

*Making things (better than ever)


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