HAAS AUTOMATION has presented ST-15Y

Small footprint, big bore turning centres unveiled by Haas

Any machine shop seeking more bar capacity without the space requirements of a large lathe will be pleased to learn that Haas Automation now offers a complete line of big bore, small footprint turning centres, the latest additions to which are the ST-15 and ST-15Y (Y-axis version, which will be available in Q1/2017)).

The new ST-15 and ST-15Y provide greater bar capacity, larger spindle nose, larger chuck, and more spindle power than the ST-10, but with the same compact footprint. The machines can accommodate bars up to 63.5 mm diameter, and offer a maximum cutting capacity of 356 mm diameter by 406 mm length (305 by 406 mm for the ST-15Y), with a swing over the cross slide of 406 mm.

The ST-15’s A2-6 spindle nose has an 88.9 mm bore, while the 15 kW vector dual-drive spindle turns to 4,000 rpm and provides 203 Nm of torque at 500 rpm. Furthermore, on-the-fly wye-delta switching yields a wide constant horsepower band for constant surface feed cuts, which are supported by 30.5 m/min rapids and fast turret indexing. It is equipped with a 210 mm hydraulic three-jaw chuck and a 12-station VDI-turret.

The ST-15Y adds 102 mm of Y-axis travel (±51 mm from the centreline) for off-centre milling, drilling and tapping. It comes as standard with 6000-rpm live tooling and a full C axis for versatile four-axis capability, as well as a 12-station hybrid VDI/BOT turret. Further standard features include rigid tapping, I MB program memory, a 15" colour LCD monitor, and a USB port, while among the available options is a tailstock with hydraulic quill, high-pressure coolant systems, an automatic tool presetter, a belt-type chip conveyor and an Ethernet interface, as well as the Haas Intuitive Programming System and Haas Bar Feeder.

An additional option currently in the final phases of development is a sub-spindle for the ST-15Y, which will be available by the end of 2016.

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