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Shanghai Kunchi engineering products Co., Ltd.

Направления деятельности

  1. Фрезерная обработка с ЧПУ — 3-х осевые (модели IGES/STEP)
  2. Токарно-фрезерная обработка с ЧПУ — Универсальные токарно-фрезерные обрабатывающие центры с ЧПУ

Специализация компании

Aluminum parts - custom made, gears, axle shafts / drive shafts

О компании

Shanghai Kunchi engineering products Co., Ltd. is a professional company of metal products, such as Addendum angle, Angle gear, Angle of approach, Angle of recess, Annular gear, Backgear, Bevel gear , Bevel pinion, Bevel planet gear, Change gear, Corrected gear , Cycloidal gear, Differential gear, Differential planet gear, Double helical gear, Drive pinion, Driven gear, Driving gear, Epicyclic gear , Face gear, Gear for Gear box , Gear wheel shaft , Helical bevel gear, Helical spur gear, Helical worm gear , Helicl gear, Herringbone gear, Integrating gear , Intermediate gear, Involute curfe , Knuckle gear, Master gear , axle shafts, drive shafts, CV joints, bearings, housings, washers and many kinds of metal parts. After many years of hard working, the company has developped from a small workshop to a certain scale and level company.

We not only produce products exactly as customers' drawings and/or samples, but also can create products as customers' conception and give more suggestion.

We accept any quantity orders, even 1 piece.

So our company has another role that is we make customized products.

The procedure we work with customers:

Discussion -> Drawing, samples or ideas -> Factory confirmation -> Customers confirmation -> Factory internal confirmation -> Production -> Inspection in Production and after production -> Customers confirmation -> Delivery (Express, Airfreight or Seafreight)

To satisfy the clients is our misson !